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The Missouri River: Pierre Summer Life

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Visit Pierre Blog

Summer is in full swing here on the Great Plains. While the temperatures are on the rise, so is interest in activities on the water.

The Missouri River (fun fact: The Missouri is the longest river in North America at 2,341 miles in length) hosts a plethora of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in and around the Pierre area in South Dakota.

In addition to the traditional, and impressive, fireworks display along the river every July 4th, Pierre has seemingly limitless chances to enjoy the Mighty Missouri up close and personal. Each year, Pierre welcomes people from across the country – and the world – who come to experience life on the Missouri.


Fishing on the Missouri is not only a favorite pastime, but a widely sought-after sport. In a recent MeatEater article, Pierre was named the #1 destination for state capital fishing. And for good reason! With the river’s cool, clear waters, anglers have found success both along the banks shore fishing, and on the water from boating access.

Walleye, chinook salmon, bass, pike, and catfish only make up a fraction of the list of available fish within the waters of the Mighty Missouri. While Pierre has an extensive list of area attractions, fishing ranks a top motivator for people arriving in the area during the summer months.

You can seek your own favorite spot on the river or book a guided fishing trip from one of our local guides. Either way, you’re bound to get “hooked” on fishing in Pierre.

Fishing In Pierre


The river provides ample space and environment for more than just fishing. Boating of any kind – pontooning, motorboating, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing are all ways boaters can enjoy the views and serenity the river provides our area.

Missouri River

Of course, you can’t water ski without a proper boat to tow you, and you’ll often see skiers and innertubers enjoying the wakes and ripples on a leisurely afternoon.

Windsurfing, jet skiing, and paddleboarding are also creative ways people get around on the river any given day.

Paddleboard Missouri


If deeper waters aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of shallow shoreline areas to enjoy the river from. Farm Island, La Fromboise Island, along with several parks that line the shore provide plenty of recreational areas where getting your feet wet (or all-out splashing) is not only permitted, but encouraged.

Missouri River Swimming

Whether you bring your own watercrafts or book a rental, catch fish or just a tan, the Missouri River in Pierre is waiting for you.

For more details on water sports and activities in the Pierre area, visit the Visitor Center or contact the Pierre Area Chamber.