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Leadership Pierre

What does it take?

Participants must live or work in the Pierre Area. They are expected to attend all sessions in their entirety, kickoff and graduation and at least one community involvement opportunity during the 2020-21 Leadership Pierre program.



Vision Statement:

Leadership Pierre is a comprehensive program for current and emerging leaders to analyze characteristics associated with leadership, develop individual skills, and gather an awareness of trends, challenges and issues that face Hughes & Stanley County. Leadership Pierre seeks a diverse group of participants of varying interests and styles across a broad spectrum of achievement from the area.


Leadership Pierre is an educational program intended for Pierre area citizens who have an interest in their communities, their leaders and institutions, and/or specific leadership opportunities. During the nine-month program, participants will hear from area experts, tour places which make our community unique, participate in thought-provoking discussion and learn how and why decisions are made… All with the goad of shaping tomorrow’s leaders.


  • Make Connections
  • Community Awareness
  • Networking
  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Create a Sense of Purpose for Civic Involvement

Leadership Pierre will select up to 15 area people who live or work in Hughes or Stanley County. Individuals not selected as one of the 15 participants will be added to a wait list.

Application Fee

A $25 nonrefundable application fee is due by July 17, 2020 with the application. Checks can be made payable to the Pierre Area chamber of Commerce.


Tuition for Chamber members is $500 and for non-members $650. If selected for the program, the tuition is due by August 21, 2020.

For final acceptance as a Leadership Pierre participant, the tuition fee (for program coordination, meeting rooms, luncheons, material, speakers, break refreshments and graduation) must be paid in full by Friday, August 21, 2020.

Refund Policy

If, for any reason, a registered participant must withdraw from the program, the Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce will need notice in writing four weeks prior to the program start date. With proper notification, we will make every reasonable effort to fill the slot with another participant and refund the withdrawing member’s tuition. If the slot is not filled, no refund will be issued.

Session Schedule

  • Leadership Pierre Kickoff – Tuesday, September 1 (5:00 – 9:00 pm)
  • Session 1, Business & Professional Development – Thursday, September 3
  • Session 2, Education – Thursday, October 15
  • Session 3, Local & State Government – Thursday, November 5
  • Session 4, Community Services – Thursday, December 10
  • Session 5, Healthcare – Thursday, January 14
  • Session 6, Law Enforcement & Emergency Management – Thursday, February 4
  • Session 7, Tourism & Culture – Thursday, March 4
  • Session 8, Agriculture & Natural Resources – Thursday, April 15
  • Session 9, Arts & Media – Thursday, May 13
  • Leadership Pierre Graduation Ceremony & Alumni Celebration – Tuesday, May 18 (5:30 – 7:30 pm)

The Leadership Pierre 2020-2021 Application deadline is by Friday, July 17, 2020.


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