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Hunting & Fishing in the Pierre Area

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Visit Pierre Blog

When you hear about Pierre, South Dakota, you may immediately associate it with state politics as it is the capital. What you may not realize; however, is Pierre is an area rich in wildlife habitat and pristine water conditions, which make it an incredible destination for hunting and fishing.

It’s not necessarily a well-kept secret, either, as many hunters and anglers travel to the area to fill their tags or their catch limits. The locals are keen on hunting and fishing activities in the area as well, so does that mean all the “good spots” are taken?


Buddy Seiner, a Pierre resident, says no. “Even if there are a lot of people out, there’s still area to spread out and find your own spot.” With over 2,500 miles of shoreline available around the Pierre area, you’re bound to find your own special spot to cast your line.

Additionally, Pierre boasts a vast availability of public land, especially along the river, where hunting and fishing can take place without bumping into anyone else.

Any hunter or angler has the option of trekking on a self-guided outing or hiring a guide to lead them to the prize.

Don Korkow, of Korkow Ranch, emphasizes it’s not simply bagging a limit of pheasants that draws hunters to their guided pheasant trips. “It’s about the camaraderie. It’s about having fun, enjoying who you’re hunting with, enjoying the hunt, enjoying the dogs, and the fun you have with the groups.”

Korkow Ranch hosts hunters from about 35 states each year; groups of people who seek out and appreciate what the Pierre area has to offer in the way of abundant wildlife habitat, hunting success, and good old-fashioned working ranch fun.

A successful fishing trip or hunting expedition isn’t the only perk of Pierre, however. “The community itself – restaurants, dog-friendly hotels, the local people – are really friendly toward anglers and hunters,” says Seiner.

“The cold, clear, clean water in our area is second to none, not just in the state but in the country.” Seiner marveled at how the ecosystem of the Missouri River in the Pierre area doesn’t need to be stocked but is able to sustain itself. “It’s pretty spectacular in that way.”

For having year-round fishing available, a strong water habitat supporting multiple species of fish is icing on the cake.

There are also other activities that can be combined with fishing: hiking, camping, snowshoeing. No matter the season, there are adventures that companion well with a day spent fishing.

Korkow comments how different seasons can be experienced in a single hunting outing. “Be prepared. I tell people to bring plenty of clothes for any kind of weather. Snow, rain, sleet, hail, anything.” From winter extremes to summer heat, the weather can change in an instant on the hunting trail. “Bring plenty of clothes and bring extra shells. Some don’t bring near enough shells.” He reiterated, “If you hear anything, be prepared. Bring the clothes. That’s so important.”

While he didn’t offer up a favorite pheasant recipe, Don Korkow did share how he makes some mouth-watering pancakes. Korkow Ranch serves hunters breakfast before the outing begins, and the menu (including his special-ingredient, fluffy pancakes) will be sure to fill the belly and soul of any pheasant hunter.

Buddy Seiner’s favorite way to prepare Pierre’s Walleye is to grill it with salt, pepper, and butter but admits he’s especially fond of cheek chowder. “It’s a good fall recipe.”

With the public land available in and around the Pierre area, Seiner remarks, “Pierre is the place you can go out in the morning and shoot pheasants, catch walleye in the evening, and enjoy the night relaxing.”

And that sums it up perfectly. Whether you’re here for hunting, fishing, or both, Pierre has unique environment, expertise, and experience to offer.

For more details on available hunting and fishing in the Pierre area, visit  www.visitpierresd.com or contact the Pierre Area Chamber today.