Page 7 - Digital Visitor Guide 2021
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>  Can I fly into Pierre, SD?
                 Yes! The Pierre Regional Airport
                 has direct flights to and from Denver.
                 You can also charter flights through
                 Mustang Aviation.

              >  How long does it take to get
                 from the airport to my hotel?
                 The Pierre Airport is 3 miles from the
                 center of the city... probably only 5 to
                 10 minutes, tops!

              >  Do you have Uber or Lyft?
                 Lyft services are available in Pierre;
                 however, drivers are not always
                 available. We also have a local            >  How do I reach Pierre by car?
                 transportation service, River Cities           Pierre is the perfect road trip
                 Public Transit, available 24/7 to take         destination! It’s a little off the beaten
                 you anywhere in Pierre, 605.945.2360.          path, but it makes for a scenic driving
                                                                destination just 30 minutes north off
              >  Do I need a car to get around?                 I-90. Other major highways leading into
                 Due to the rural landscape of the area,        Pierre are Hwy 14, 34 and 83. With its
                 most like to have a car to get around          central location in the state, you can
                 and see the sights, but a lot of the city      get to Pierre easily from any direction.
                 is accessible by walking. If you’d like to
                 have a car, you can rent one easily from
                 the airport with Budget Car Rentals.
                 And remember, you can always contact
                 River Cities Public Transit!

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