Page 10 - Digital Visitor Guide 2021
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>  Trail of Governors
               The Trail of Governors extends from
               the Capitol Grounds, through the
               business district, to the shores of the
               Missouri River. Trail maps are widely
               available at the Pierre Area Chamber
               of Commerce and local businesses. The
               bronze statues featured on the trail were
               created by South Dakota artists and
               provide visitors the opportunity to learn
               about the life and times of our state’s
               great leaders. For more information,

                                                         >  Oahe Dam Visitor Center

                                                            It’s always beautiful on Lake Oahe!
                                                            Take in the view and learn about Lake
                                                            Oahe, the Missouri River, the Oahe
                                                            Dam and hydroelectric power plant
                                                            through exhibits and brochures.
                                                            Open year-round, call 605.224.4617.

                                                         >  Oahe Chapel

                                                            Adjacent to the Oahe Dam Visitor
                                                            Center is the Oahe Chapel. Built
                                                            in 1877, the chapel was both church
                                                            and schoolhouse for the Oahe
                                                            Mission and the Sioux Indians
                                                            it served. Services are at 8 am
                                                            Sundays, Memorial Day through
                                                            Labor Day. Persons interested in
                                                            seeing the chapel can inquire at
                                                            the Visitor Center.
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